Winter 2022

First Name Last Name Project Title Duration Country of Origin
Bruce Notman Baker's Dozen 129 Pages Australia
Victoria Quin-Harkin The Vampyre United Kingdom
Kennedy Sabelko The Protégé 124 Pages United States
Ali Jordan Sestra 1 117 Pages United States
Ali Jordan Sestra 2 130 Pages United States
DH F Porcupine 120 Pages United States
Frank Buttafarro The Pyramid 37 Pages United States
Cheryl Wade The Luminous Child v.10.5 113 Pages Virgin Islands, U.S.
Mike Felix A Chat Over Death 5 Pages New Zealand
Jeffrey Massie Tabula Rasa 93 Pages United States
Jack Hilkewich The Wrecker 105 Pages Canada
Scott Cox Hot Toddy 110 Pages United States
Christopher Shields My Other Son is a Vampire 93 Pages United States
Jesse Dorian SVEN 47 Pages United States
Robert Craig No Address 102 Pages United States
Elliot Stanton Saturday In The Park 30 Pages United Kingdom
Terry Podnar The Chance 12 Pages United States
Susan Klos Cesar and Max 105 Pages United States
Jonathan Izard Trust Me 120 Pages United Kingdom
CJ Morrison TOUCHED 17 Pages United States
DH F The Mentalverse 39 Pages United States
Jerry Della Salla Miracle at Camp Redemption 100 Pages United States
Rhyess Nash From the Ashes 43 Pages United States
Graham Galloway Emily in the Wild 103 Pages United States
Penelope Spurr Geri at the Counter 10 Pages United States
Ian Welfley Home of the Brave (Script) 16 Pages United States
Jesse Dorian Donavan Emery, The Android & Himself 110 Pages United States
Gorune Aprikian MARYAM & VARTO 80 Pages France
Francesco Piotti Van girl_s 21 Pages Italy
Jennifer Anderson Sadist 54 Pages United States
Indy Davies Daddy 13 Pages Australia
Raul Cantu El Capitan 120 Pages United States
Bry Troyer My Dead Boyfriend 40 Pages United States
Jesse Dorian The Four Of Us Are Dying 100 Pages United States
Ruth Garnes One Loving Person 14 Pages United States
Jesse Dorian SVEN 47 Pages United States
Brian Yeh Bit By Bit 13 Pages United States
Joshua Rose iOuroboros 70 Pages United States
Harry Waldman "Enter the Room" Screenplay 15 Pages United States
Cecilia Jane Medea 6 Pages Not Specified
Amanda Roraback Liberty, Equality, Fraternity 54 Pages United States
Joseph Anthony Francis Windy City 55 Pages United States
Elliot Stanton Deadline To Death 29 Pages United Kingdom
Nick Abdo Hard Candy Christmas 120 Pages United States
Iannis Aliferis Sherry the Gangster 82 Pages Greece
Nick Carmine How I Learned to Blog Like a Champ After the End of the World 83 Pages United States
Toni D'Antonio An Unfamiliar Life 108 Pages United States
Jared Becker Doughtery 87 Pages United States
Bryce Hatch Absolute Zero 33 Pages United States
Bryce Hatch Gods Of Rock 101 Pages United States
Steph Kowal Adulting 14 Pages United States
Fred G Stemme A Siren's Sweet Whisper 120 Pages United States
Dawn Green Allie and the Other Girl 18 Pages United States
Andrew Horne Schalken the painter 27 Pages Czech Republic
Kim Hood Absolution 105 Pages Canada
Thomas McCone Caiaphas 9 Pages New Zealand
Salvatore Riggio Heroes, Just For One Day (Breaking Thick Ice) 125 Pages United States
Hayden Elefante Forgive Me, Father 12 Pages United States
Keith Soforic DRONER 15 Pages United States
Madelaine Rose Parent Teacher 9 Pages Canada
Jonny Bjørkhaug Blood runes 75 Pages Norway
Bilal Hussain Robbers In A Wheelchair 17 Pages Denmark
Laurel Gans Holy-Days 18 Pages United States
Robert Swan The Saint and The Scoundrel 94 Pages United States
Filigree Theatre Shattering... 102 Pages United States
Melinda Core Seven Minutes in Heaven 37 Pages Not Specified
Olivia Lee Pardon The Interruption 107 Pages United Kingdom
jay wheddon GOING T*TS UP! 94 Pages United Kingdom
Douglas Schofield FALLING REIGN 130 Pages Canada
Barry Siskind A Secret Life 105 Pages Canada
Mikelle Kruger Suzanne Valadon: The Sin I Will Commit Again 116 Pages United States
Mikelle Kruger Snap Together 98 Pages United States
Raul Walder Kapüy 98 Pages United States
Jules Caldeira Polaroid Babies 103 Pages United States
Drew Delaine Oblivious 90 Pages United States
Robert Haus Desert Star News 46 Pages United States
Zeff Lawless Safe House 18 Pages Not Specified
Vilma Kartalska The Animal 6 Pages Bulgaria
Benjamin Keir Ithir 84 Pages United Kingdom
Tony Bryan Baltimore Pilot Script for streaming series. 48 Pages United Kingdom
Donald Boudreau THE RESTAURANT MAN 112 Pages United States
Oksana Prysiazhniuk Steph 100 Pages Ukraine
Jay Greenwell Aborning 120 Pages United States
Janine Pecenkova Missing Parts 61 Pages Not Specified
Janine Pecenkova RETURN PATH Not Specified
Nitsa Oz Six Impossible Things 105 Pages United States
Mariella Spagnolo Look Who's Coming to Cena 60 Pages United States
Daniel Foster The Debt He Never Promised 27 Pages United States
Matt Gallagher Ghosted 90 Pages United States
Carlos Perez The Spider and the Fly 6 Pages United States
Carlos Perez Cleansing Acts 21 Pages United States
Carlos Perez Skinned 107 Pages United States
Cortez Mack Let's Show Love 5 Pages United States
Ed Vela The Future Force 144 Pages United States
Karla S. Bryant Baby, You Can Drive My Car 8 Pages United States
Joan Kufrin The Trial of Jean Gump080322.pdf 105 Pages United States
kevin jordan Sled Race 104 Pages United States
Jesse Dorian SVEN 47 Pages United States
Jesse Dorian The Four Of Us Are Dying 100 Pages United States
Kimberly Lewicki Scarlett's Web 105 Pages United States
Jessica Wei Play Date 56 Pages United States
Kim Hood Absolution 105 Pages Canada
Jake Zuccolotto DADDY 93 Pages Australia
josephine ehlert Locked in 72 Pages Germany
Whit Hamilton The Privateers 34 Pages United States
Suzanne LUTAS The Dead Ringer 95 Pages French Polynesia
Alyssa Robinson Sugarless: Life of a Failed Sugar Baby 28 Pages United States
Sergei Ryazantsev An Ordinary Day 11 Pages United States
randy sell James Christ.. 127 Pages United States
Chuck Gordon Alpha Chase 118 Pages United States
Steven Howard The Garden of Earthly Delights 101 Pages United States
Ashley Dighton Inner Dialogue 14 Pages Australia
brian wapole Gender Perfect 104 Pages United States

Summer Edition 2022

First Name Last Name Project Title Duration Country of Origin
Montgomery Burt Edgar and the Undead 24 Pages Canada
Riane Yost Dandelions and The Sun 109 Pages United States
Melissa Balint Bureau of Luck 13 Pages United States
Alan David Pritchard One of Us (Red-Handed Screenplay) 38 Pages United Kingdom
molly Kirschenbaum Nora 17 Pages United States
Stacey Spivey Dissension 113 Pages United States
Art Camp Cardiello Tink 97 Pages United States
LEONIDAS STANESCU Local-ized 99 Pages Singapore
A. S. Templeton Thingamajigs — A Musical Fairy Tale 20 Pages United States
Diana Rhodes One Single Step 38 Pages United States
Pedro Maia Blackbird 13 Pages Brazil
Matthew Margo ROUGH CUT 33 Pages United States
Teresa Carmody O'Shea The First Man Cave 11 Pages Ireland
Victor Dean THE MUSIC LESSON 15 Pages United States
Alec Seymour Gatsby 11 Pages United States
Bo Svenson Diddleville, USA 118 Pages United States
Thomas Craig MEAT The Parents 16 Pages United Kingdom
Alissa Arnold Someone You Loved 13 Pages United States
Jazz Darius Valentine's Day 9 Pages United States
Carol Bell BROKEN FACES 12 Pages United Kingdom
Tammy Boyer A Better Place 5 Pages Canada
Mabel Ji Magic Pill 25 Pages United States
Nicole Sullivan Ann & Mick 8 Pages Australia
Shiva Rodriguez The Flower Garden (Feature Screenplay) 62 Pages United States
Sian Walker Old Friends 6 Pages United Kingdom
Pierce Young Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge 100 Pages Not Specified
Pierce Young Dinoversity
United States
Natalie Gomez Max 56 Pages United Kingdom
Jason White Obsession 53 Pages United States
Tiffani Davis LOVELY BIG BUFFALO 37 Pages United States
Bill Albert In The Shadows of November (Pilot Script) 54 Pages United States
cecilia zoppelletto Ota Benga 5 Pages Congo, the Democratic Republic of the
Laura Hoffheimer AiDA 16 Pages United States
Laura Hoffheimer Vulpes 5 Pages United States
Deborah Levine The Liberator's Daughter 59 Pages United States
Isabel O'Brien Losing It 88 Pages United States
Martin Grigorov Natalie 33 Pages Bulgaria
Jen Butler End of Scene 105 Pages United States
Marcus Gorman Gold 119 Pages United States
Gregory Vines The Upstairs Lounge 60 Pages United Kingdom
J.A. Brown Christian Morris 94 Pages United States
kagure kabue Who We Are 10 Pages United States
Michael Gould SACRED SUN 93 Pages United Kingdom
Denise Singleton Superannuated 25 Pages United States
Alexander Julian III The Sessions (half-hour pilot) 24 Pages United States
James Shanklin Georges Creek 112 Pages United States
James Shanklin Pep-Ronies 10 Pages United States
Davide Mazza Meta-boys 13 Pages Italy
Hal Straus "Flower Child" 134 Pages United States
Hal Straus Post-Mortem 27 Pages United States
Hal Straus The Eviction 41 Pages United States
Marilyn Swick Ocean Child 19 Pages United States
Dana Cronin LA VIE ABSURDE 124 Pages United States
Tristan Venture The Riveter 106 Pages United States
Bruce Smith Devil's Delight 75 Pages United States
Damien Mulvany Diorbivol 115 Pages United States
Jody McNicholas Oar River 101 Pages United States
Janine Pecenkova VOICES 'Wake Up' 60 Pages United States
Kevin Pike The Secret Codex 113 Pages United States
Kristen Wade Handhaven 100 Pages United States
Kristen Wade Close 112 Pages United States
Marietta Birbili The Basement 104 Pages Greece
Alida Michal Bulletproof Bette 36 Pages United States
Elvin Betancourt War Rattle 112 Pages United States
TD White Moon in a Dewdrop 7 Pages United States
Ron Clemons Cheeky Situation 7 Pages United States
Danilo Zambrano Daughters of Sin 10 Pages Ireland
Ioana Cheptea Love Sick 8 Pages Canada
Semmi Cole Against The Wind - "Pilot" 20 Pages United States
Marc Castaldo The Fox 104 Pages Canada
Pazzo Mondo Inc. Film & Media For Da Love of Pizza Screenplay 92 Pages United States
Gregg Greenberg Ziggy and Rachel 109 Pages United States
Uwe Schwarzwalder The Spiritualization of Jeff Boyd 109 Pages Switzerland
Ioannis Koutroubis The Labyrinth 85 Pages Canada
Lynnette Woolery I Dream of Horses 110 Pages United States
Lynnette Woolery The Best Me 101 Pages United States
L. E. Coleman Swirl City 94 Pages United States
Liz Chiodo Mallory 23 Pages United States
Hoang Vu Nguyen Rare Disease 10 Pages Not Specified
cal athan Hawk Moon 113 Pages United States
A.N. Hunt Abomination 93 Pages United States
Xandar . Dear Agony 17 Pages United States
Humanity Group What If 4 Pages United States
Jeff Goldstein HEALED 95 Pages United States
Will Parker The Montana Men 92 Pages United States
B M Sallay The Line 8 Pages United Kingdom
Judit Hollos New York Script Awards - Super Short Script submission 5 Pages Hungary
Robert Tolz American Superstar 58 Pages United States
Bahar Atvur Buford Highway 59 Pages United States
Mario Mabe Atomic Nights 110 Pages United States
MaShae Alderman EVERGREEN 7 Pages United States

Official Selection - New York Script Awards 2022

First NameLast NameProject TitleCountry of Origin
LorenzoGuarnieriThe Greek PassageItaly
BrandonGatesToday We Almost DiedUnited States
PavelCerny,A HEART LAID BARE - the Extraordinary Life of EA PoeUnited States
JanWerner2nd SkinGermany
JoshAlexanderMAN UPUnited Kingdom
MontgomeryBurtApril and Mr. StockmanCanada
IevaLykosThe Final Code - scriptRomania
PeterNoelDEAUnited Kingdom
Henry P.GravelleFive CardUnited States
DanielRocheNature > NurtureUnited States
Kevin J.HowardVoyagerUnited States
NicolaGreenThe SplitAustralia
Lisa PhaGLegend and The Vitamites PILOTUnited States
TatianaEdel LOAF THE CATUnited States
MarcBaronComeback in Vienna United States
MarcBaronMegaBall$United States
JeanGallianoTaboo CandyUnited States
ThomasO'MalleyCoveUnited States
Jonathan Abel MacArthur and the UFOs United States
RosieMalek-YonanMaster Speesa!United States
EstelleAsmodellePleasure GirlAustralia
JamesFitzmauriceThe Midwife's Case Notes in a Time of ContagionUnited Kingdom
DannyAlexLEGENDSUnited States
KarenHarvey-DeweyLady of the Rose--a Musical OdysseyUnited States
SilBrookWinds of TransitionUnited States
BrianaLondonYuanfenUnited States
NievesGarcia PerchinRoom ServiceUnited States
KellyCochran-YzquierdoClub DramaUnited States
JingXieA Summer's wave goodbyeChina
DannyAlexEND OF DAYS - SHORTUnited States
Constantin G. M.WeberMr TalentUnited Kingdom
MercedesArturoBattleScarUnited States
DaveStishanHigh School LullabyUnited States
DannyAlexEND OF DAYSUnited States
RJWatsonPerryUnited States
JeffersonParsonDon't Not Be DancingUnited States
StephenFloydNot in This TownUnited States
BrettDavidsonSourUnited States
kelly jeankaramKid SoldierUnited States
DannyAlexLEGENDSUnited States
NimaGhavidel MehrAidan's FallCanada
MatthewMalowany ForbesL SectionCanada
VirginiaMariposa DaleHypertoadUnited States
BevGandaraMisinformed HeartUnited States
NoelAndersonSammy and Dave (Unlucky in Love)Australia
KelseyDoughertyMuseUnited States
DavidAngelelliA RED SHIRTItaly
KostanChessCut the Cord: The Hedgehog’s LeapRussian Federation
blenderingwith DavidTOKYO FROM AFARUnited States
DavidSorbello,Ph.D.Jimmy 13United States
EddySanchezThe Fallin'United States
HalStraus"Flower Child"United States
Eddie Clay Thompkins IIIBloodlines: The Mogadishu Diaries 1992-1993United States
YonteNoneRunaway TrainUnited States
TereziaKontovaThe Saudi SuperwomanSlovakia
JamesAnthonyA Nun And An OfficerUnited States
TereziaKontovaTwo CellsSlovakia
SamuelRomeroApple BoxUnited States
JeremyGermainThe Impossible QuestionUnited States
DavidHindsTaserUnited Kingdom
ruthfinneganBetrothed, a Crusades Romance United Kingdom
BenOrrellAny Way You Like It!United States
JamesFitzmauriceObama's Dreams of His Literary FatherUnited Kingdom
RaisaOliveira Prime TimeUnited States
BryceBreenJane Doe & The StagUnited States
DannyAlexTHE SICKENUnited States
DebiMcMartinLitten's PassionUnited States
DannyCottonGuérisseur-Héros (Healer-Hero)United Kingdom
SergeiBespalovAqua TofanaUnited States
Dr. Norman P.JohnsonKokopelliUnited States
KateWatsonFor You, I FoundCanada
Joseph StephenMeadowsIt's Only LifeUnited States
Bryan ArtilesAsh WednesdayUnited States
TomMatthewsThe Right Candidate United Kingdom
BenBurgess Jr.Black and WhiteUnited States
RichardMeimanDodging Her BulletUnited States
JessicaWeiWampus CatUnited States
MelissaL. AspeitiaDimensions A Breath AwayUnited States
DavidEarleSearching for MichaelUnited States
GregoryBondsMIC CHECK; KARAOKE LOVE United States
Anthony PatrickHelloGUYS ON SATURDAY NIGHTUnited States
FernandoPaezWhere the Leopards DreamUnited States
RichardClarkeGullun DriftUnited Kingdom
JamesAnthonyA Nun And An OfficerUnited States
JordanRockwellDirty Girl From HellUnited States
JeffEdmond"The Music Video Murders" - 7-9-21United States
JeffEdmondThe Story Of Rose - 5-14-21United States
BevGandaraWhile I WaitUnited States
YanushAMrs Saxena at the Hotel GrandUnited Kingdom
AsiaYenHeadacheUnited States
AliaDeSantisMonsters Isolated Canada
JaniceHaasGotta Itch for MitchUnited States
ruthfinneganBetrothed, a Crusades Romance United Kingdom
AlexandraSalkinWake-up Call - EnglishFrance
MonicaKeatonDine With MeUnited States
GarySt. MartinDriftwoodUnited States
thomasMarshall-WoodHeaven Insurance.Australia
CharlotteBrownRise of the Accenniri - Part IUnited States
Michael ThomasCainKilling The Small Family FarmerUnited States
ChristyPriceCut OffUnited States
JimGriecoStill Time to ChangeUnited States
JimGriecoAmerican DaydreamUnited States
JimGriecoFive Thousand YearsUnited States
ChantelKardousFish & MatchUnited States
LaurieMaierThe Dude is LegitUnited States
JimWurstSwiss CleanUnited States
JimWurstTempestas "Pilot"United States
SaraphinaRedalieuTiny VesselsUnited States
AngeliseMiltonAren't You the Family?United States
ZakHornBug ChaserUnited States
ZsiporahMoonMy Colorado CowboyCanada
DannyAlexDON'T FORGET MEUnited States
BobSingletonAnathema: PilotusUnited States
BikramSampangAngel Inside the FogUnited States
C. JayJonesRoll the Tape - The Last Black RepublicanUnited States
AllieRobinsonCupid’s ChokeholdUnited States
RodKentMutiny In The DugoutUnited States
BrianWeaklandThe KingmakerUnited States
SimonBarracchiniGodless ChildrenUnited States
HoytHilsmanThe TrumpsUnited States
MiladaDThe Family ReunionCanada
JayStamatisLIFECREDITUnited States
DanAlexLightSpeedUnited Kingdom
A JRobertsBed TimeUnited Kingdom
A JRobertsContactNot Specified
MichaelHudsonThe Old Man In The LakeUnited Kingdom
ColeDiltsThe CombineUnited States
glennpulliamThe Scenic RouteUnited States
AnthonyVentrescaThe Pirate GroomCanada
AlbertoVazquezLBGTQUnited States
ClayCallenderThe Shadow FallsUnited States
Alexandra BillingtonThe Storm BeneathUnited Kingdom
RobertCraigAmy and AngelUnited States
LindaButoracJessie's SaintUnited States
DonnaLoehrerThe Man & The Mermaid's TaleUnited States