What topic do you discuss in script. Why?
Heny Lublin Franks accomplishments and failures.
Act One sets up adventure as a lowly coal town store clerk seeks his destiny in the western territories of New Mexico as a placer gold prospector to a Silver Mine prospector in the Silver Bow District of Butte Montana. Realizing small fortunes, Frank opens first ever Montana Liquor Store in Butte Montana. Act Two showcases Henrys true talents as an enterprising businessman and Politician. Act Three begins a downward spiral from which Henry never recovers. Loss of revenue, loss of credibility, loss of funds, loss of family, loss of life mysteriously age 57. The why is answered in Act Three, wherein my own Grandfather William Charles Heward was a Railway worker the very morning of tragic FRANK SLIDE, one of few who survived the 100 SECONDS OF HELL. In retrospect I am 3rd generation survivor of that event.

How do people feel about reading your script?
Mixed feelings Act One. Acts Two and Three are compelling, engaging, and heartfelt sympathy.

Do you think that films can change people for the better or worse?
Yes. Depending on genre, story may effect many viewers conception of subject matter.
Hopefully for better, yet as history has shown too much violence left unchecked, encourages weak minded persons to commit similar crimes in the real world. Media does indeed change people.

According to THREE ACT DRAMATURAGE, how would you define your story?
Answered basically in Answer 1, Henry Frank is ambitious seeking adventure and introduction of family vintage wines and ports to western territories in Act One. Henry proves he is a very successful entrepreneur and astute Politician amid tragedy and success end of Act Two. Act Three is fraught with danger, mistrust, and loss of credibility as problem after problem consume Frank leading to his own tragic and mysterious demise at age 57 near his mothers graveside in a cemetery late night.

How does the Main Character develop?
Raised in a coal town working for his father is a Mercantile Store in Pomeroy Ohio, Henry is
ambitious, reads headlines of Gold and Adventure in western territories. Seeks to introduce family
vintage wines to Western territories. Along his journey he plies his trade as a placer gold miner, a Silver Mine partner, and eventually opens first ever Montana Liquor Store in Butte, Montana 1800s end Act One. Act Two shows a mature Henry Frank becoming popular with great business savvy which leads to political appointment as he is instrumental in helping Montana territories become a STATE in UNION. Act Three showcases desperation, a side of Frank not seen yet. Failure after failure, resentment and mistrust leads to his own mysterious death at age 57 LATE NIGHT near his mother s gravesite.

What actors do you imagine in your project?
Answer: with so many talented persons now, its hard to choose.
Henry Frank age 26 to 57. Sports a Goatee – Matthew Perry, Chris Pine, Colin Firth types.
Eleanor Dumont – sassy gal. Kiera Knightly, Eva Green, types.
Mrs. Mitchell – Madame Hurly Gurdy Girls – Gal Gadot, Megan Fox type.
Samuel W Gebo shyster partner of Henry Frank – Woody Harrelson, Johnny Depp type


Why do you think your script should attract a Director?

Many day and night scenes, INT. and EXT. Wild west turn of century into modern era. Corrupt yet civilizing somewhat. Humor, romance, drama, enlightening, entertaining, challenging.
TRAGIC EVENTS: BUTTE CITY FIRE, second Act, FRANK SLIDE opens third act, Henrys mysterious death in CEMETERY late night end third act. FADE TO BLACK.

At which Festivals did you receive the award?
Finalist – Down The Rabbits Hole Festival NYC.
Finalist - Oxacana Film Festival

Which screenwriters are your favorites and why?
Aaron Sorkin, James Cameron, and Peter Jackson All stories are believable, engaging, and captures the imagination.

About which topics are your screenplays?
 Docudrama, Landslide, Mine Explosions, Big Fire are CATALYSTS Adventure, romance, dreams realized, Political ambitions, tragedy and failure.

What motivates you most to write screenplays?
Past personal events, historical events, fantasy and ancient history.

What are your plans in future careers?
Answer Retired from workforce – write when inspiration or opportunity inspires me.
Been involved with acting part time 20 plus years, continue whenever opps available.
Enjoy my retirement, entertainment industry, writing and any acting opportunities.